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EUROPE -  5 Days Handstand Training 

Dates: 15, 16th June (Sat, Sun) Times: 9-12pm , 3-5pm 

17,18,19th June (Mon,Tue,Wed) 9-12pm 

19hours total

Location: If you are serious in joining please sign up to the waiting list and I will get in touch with more details to confirm your spot right away. 

Maximum attendance - 14 people 

Investment: $1250usd EARLY BIRD (sign up before 15th May 2024) 

($500 deposit (secure spot) - SIGN UP and left overs 30days prior training starts)

$1500usd Full Cost (sign up from 16th May  2024)

This handstand event is suitable for INTERMEDIATE (60secs +) to advanced (2mins +)  practitioners.


Class description: 5 days training

Workshop Theory , Warm up and handstand progressions

 Explains The technique of “whole body positioning” - from fingers to toes aiming to achieve a perfectly straight handstand. We will also discuss the free handstand positioning:

-Hand positions

-Finger Tips technique

-Shoulders Elevation

-Core Engagement and Strength

-Breathing Technique

-Inner Sight Self Connection and Control

-Difference in between handstand holding techniques (open shoulders,closed shoulders, straight handstand, banana handstand, Contracted , relax and the list goes on…) and how to achieve the ideal straight and hollow handstand.


Warming up the whole body based in flexibility, mobility and strength. This section focuses heavily on shoulders and wrists.

Thin 5kg Resistance band is required for the shoulder warm up (please bring your own)

Handstand Progression on the wall and off the wall -

In this section there will be small groups separated with handstand programs based in each student level . It will be tailored made on spot based in the groups needs.

So it will vary depending in each student levels. Here is a few exercises that wont be missed.

Starting the handstand practice with alignment drills for best straight handstand.

Entry to handstands - Break down the 3 mains jump to handstand step by step.

  • Scissor Jump
  • Tuck Jump
  • Straddle Jump                                                                                                        

Miguel will show the most common body positions mistake based on his own methods and techniques

Handstand Shapes -

Head Positions - 1,2 and 3

Static and dynamic drill exercises

One arm handstand :

Wall Drills

Blocks drills

Middle of the room finger tips and all necessary exercises towards the one arm handstands.

Each day after the handstand practice the will be An outline of core strengthening exercise sequence for press to handstand and also shoulders strengthening targeting towards the Handstand Push ups


Wrapping Up -

This is the opportunity for final questions. Miguel will be demonstrating and re-emphasising certain sections of the previous teachings to make sure that each and every student leaves feeling confident and secure with their individual practice. Confidence is key.