Miguel Sant'ana

Professional Handbalancer/Teacher

Perth 🇦🇺 Weekend Workshop Feb2023

2 days workshops for beginners/intermediate

Learn the fundamentals tools to free handstands , jumps and shapes to improve your confidence.

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Advanced workshop

In this class we will explore handstand alignment , conditioning to improve your holding time , more advanced shapes and introduction to one arm handstands.

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Online 1-1 Coaching

Online COACHING IS Back 

Hand Balacing 1-1 Online Class description:

Online classes are jam packed with Training notes, Q&A's, Video Reviews, program privately made on spot based in your level and needs plus In class handstand practice.

Call is usually via Zoom , FaceTime , WhatsApp , WeChat etc . . . 

Don't wait for the opportunity to train in person anymore. 

Classes availaible 7am (Hong Kong time) Tuesday's to Friday's

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Handstand Retreat

Due to current international travel restrictions, all retreats and international events are unavailable at this time.

Please join the waiting list and be the first to know when the next events/retreats will be available. 

I have been working on something very special to accomodate you at retreats.

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Art of Handstands Level 1 Course


Miguel is one of the best handbalancing teachers in the world. He has the ability to motivate and inspire, to challenge and support and bring out your very best. His workshops are intense and fun, and he has the capacity to tune in to each individuals needs. His passion for handstands is infectious. But it’s more than just learning to balance on your hands - he teaches you how to bring the lessons learned from being upside down into your life.

-Mark Robberds

I have been training intensely with Miguel for almost 3 years now. I have trained along side him in groups, retreats, private classes, and now online coaching! 

Not only is he a world-class hand balancer but also a great teacher.  He is an inspiration to me and he empowers me everyday in becoming a better hand balancer.

Miguel’s approach is extremely focused and structured.  He taught me that the foundations of a hand balance is built upon the pillars of a solid core, flexibility and strength. 

I progressed from a consistent handstand hold to different techniques such as straddle, tuck, pike, press up.  I would have never imagined myself be able to do these movements three years ago.

I never thought I could come this far, but I did and will continue to do what I love.  I can’t thank him enough for being the greatest teacher in my life.

Jennie Cheung

Miguel is not only a professional handbalancer but also a great teacher. He is very patient with his students and his teaching is very sharp and effective. I can't repay him enough for his great effort on me, all I could do is continue to bear his spirit in my handstand journey.

Jennifer Tu