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FEB 2024 - Melbourne 🇦🇺 - 101 Handstand workshop

FEB 2024 - Melbourne 🇦🇺 - 101 Handstand workshop

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Dates: 22nd February 2024 

Location: FIT ACADEMY 

1/324 Settlement Rd, Thomastown VIC 3074, Australia

Time: 6:30pm to 9:30pm

Level: Beginner to Advanced 

Cost: 225aud

Limited to 14 spots

More info COMING SOON. Be the first one to know signing up to the waiting list.

Welcome to the handstand workshop in MELBOURNE FEB 2024.

A short 3 hours class, rich in details that will create a more efficient practice for your handstand goals. 

Learn the tools to free balancing and foundation of the straight handstand with Miguel’s - AoH- Art of Handstands Method.

Designed to 

•Boost up your upside down confidence 

•Understand the aesthetic criteria

•How to organise your body

•And the universal principles that will guide your practice. 

All levels welcome. 

Class description:

- Warming up the whole body based on mobility and strength. This first section focuses heavily on active flexibility, shoulder preparation (resistance band work) and hamstrings.

- Break down step-by-step how to jump to handstand (scissor jump)

- Wall Handstand alignment exercises. Static and Dynamic.

For intermediate/advanced revision of the basics shapes such as tuck,straddle,stag,L.

- Bailing out drills on and off the wall if appropriate.

- practically finishing with a core strength circuit for stability.

- Finally, a question & answer section for any concerns that may be raised during the class.

We are looking forward to have you in the class.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if any questions or concerns.

See you soon Australia.